I made my dev.to content into a website to find a new job

⚠ Disclaimer(s)

This blog was originally generated from dev.to posts via the Stackbit service.

Since then StackBit pivoted, was purchased by Netlify, and dev.to discontinued the StackBit integration.

After discovering this post and this post, I decided to use this tooling to get a very simple job done to help me look for work.


I’ve been using dev.to a little over the last year, and a lot more over the last month. It makes sense for me to use this content in my job hunt. I also had a languishing personal page. Originally made as a little experiment with hugo, it hadn’t seen love in a while, and due to some jankey usage of high quality photos performance wise it was pretty bad. I’d been meaning to overhaul it for a while, and when the dev.to x stackbit collab came to my attention, it was a perfect fit.


  1. Use the content I’ve written, and will be continuing to write, to prove I know at least a few things about programming.
  2. Get that content wrapped up neatly with a contact page, a statement that I’m looking for work, and a brief about me
  3. Use my daveparr.info domain
  4. Make the website more performant than it’s current iteration
  5. Use a clean, simple, slightly professional theme


  1. Read the instructions in @ben ’s post
  2. Go through the creation flow
  3. Assign the domain in netlify (I had a netlify hosted JAMstack previously, and my domain was already loaded in there. YMMV)
  4. Clone the project @stackbit created from GitHub, and follow the readme they left there to help you authenticate correctly
  5. Update the boilerplate stuff
  6. Push the changes back to GitHub
  7. Profit


I was a little surprised when my local copy suddenly got all my blog files that I then just commited, but that seemed to be ok. Pretty sure I’ve not broken anything :)

The End

Goals achieved, faster website, with better styling, that will be kept more up to date.


If you are reading this on my website, this is all actually managed through a headless CMS called dev.to. You can use the link to my profile on the left of this article. If you are reading this on dev.to you can see my running website at daveparr.info.

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