Setting up a Django dev environment

I’m working through Django for Beginners by William S. Vincent. The first part is about setting up your dev environment. The book is setup to start for a complete beginner level, which is really nice. It starts from introducing the basics of the CLI for both Mac and Windows systems, and then some simple terminal commands with cd, ls etc.

It then goes on to help with installation of Python3, git, pipenv and django, all great stuff for getting started, plus it set’s a great baseline for the rest of the book.

For anyone who has worked at all with terminals, version control, isolating environments and code editors, 90% of this will be already done on the machine, but I still think it’s worth putting in. Having it laid out for you at the start of your programming experience that version control and the terminal are part of the process I think helps with the hump I’ve seen in more experienced beginners where git and pipenv are Yet Another Thing To Learn and so get pushed back in the learning pathway more out of fear than anything else.

Personally, I zipped through the setup in a few minutes. Hello World django app next!

Has anyone else seen the ‘git is yet another thing to learn’ hump? Maybe even had it? How did you overcome it?

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